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V: Marc L.’s goal-line stand

Russell Wilson's late blunder shocked the nation and left Lampton with a comfortable three-point victory in POPS PROPS V.

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While Seattle failed to give the ball to Marshawn Lynch in the waning moments of Super Bowl XLIX, no one could catch Marc L. The POPS PROPS V Champion tallied 47 points and bested the rest of the 78-entrant-field by three points. Brian B. finished second with 44 points, while four competitors tied for third with 42 points.


FIRST FOUR (4 questions)5 pts. max
Eric P., Jesse G., Kevin K., Patrick R.5
11 tied with4
EARLY GAME (8 questions)8 pts. max
Dave N., Kyle D., Korry K., Phil H.6
4 tied with5
ENTERTAINMENT (13 questions)35 pts. max
Ben Z., Eric S., Eric N., Kate The Skate, Kevin L., Uncle Vampire9
6 tied with8
THE TWO HALVES (13 questions)13 pts. max
Annie H.12
Andrew F., Brian B.8
9 tied with7
TEAM TOTALS (11 questions)11 pts. max
Joel K.9
9 tied with8
INDIVIDUAL TOTALS (20 questions)20 pts. max
Marc L.14
Adam A., Kevin L., Matt F.13
7 tied with12
CROSSOVERS (7 questions)7 pts. max
Ben Z., Jason S., Matt F., Randy P.7
9 tied with6

Who would have won POPS PROPS V if Lynch got the ball and scored? Read more here.


* What did John Legend wear when he sang America The Beautiful before Super Bowl XLIX? Some sort of leather jacket/windbreaker over some sort of t-shirt! Who among the 78 POPS PROPS V contestants correctly guessed that he would be wearing that jacket? Not a single entrant!!

* How many POPS PROPS V contestants predicted that there would be more than 7 1/2 total punts in Super Bowl XLIX? 39! How many predicted that there would be fewer than 7 1/2 total punts? 39! That’s right! The field was split, there were 10 punts during the game and the over-pick won!


1. Who will win Super Bowl XLIX? (New England)

New England Patriots3038.5%
Seattle Seahawks4861.5%

2. What will be the total duration of Idina Menzel’s version of the National Anthem? (Over 1 minute, 58 seconds)

Over 1 minute, 58 seconds!4253.8%
Under 1 minute, 58 seconds!3544.9%
Exactly 1 minute, 58 seconds!11.3%

3. What color dress will Idina Menzel wear while singing the National Anthem? (She will not be wearing a dress.)

Some other color!45.1%
She will not be wearing a dress!1114.1%

4. When the announcer introduces Idina Menzel, which one of her well-known productions will be mentioned? (None of the above!)

Only Frozen2532.1%
Only Rent00%
Only Wicked00%
Frozen and Rent67.7%
Frozen and Wicked2835.9%
Rent and Wicked00%
Frozen, Rent and Wicked!1519.2%
None of the above!45.1%

5. What will be the total duration of John Legend’s version of “America The Beautiful”? (Under 1 minute, 40 seconds!)

Over 1 minute, 40 seconds!5874.4%
Under 1 minute, 40 seconds!1823.1%
Exactly 1 minute, 40 seconds!22.6%

6. What will John Legend wear while singing “America The Beautiful”? (Some sort of jacket over a shirt!)

A blazer/sportcoat4456.4%
Some sort of jersey45.1%
A sweater-shirt56.4%
A tuxedo67.7%
Only a button-up shirt1417.9%
Only a t-shirt56.4%
He will not be wearing a shirt at all!00%

7. When John Legend performs, he will be… (Sitting at a piano)

Sitting at a keyboard1012.8%
Sitting at a piano2835.9%
Sitting on some sort of chair/stool, but not playing
Standing, while playing an instrument79%
Standing, just singing3342.3%
Suspended in mid-air!00%

8. Which team will win the pre-game opening coin toss? (Seattle)

New England Patriots4557.7%
Seattle Seahawks3342.3%

9. Will the opening coin toss be heads or tails? (Tails)


10. Will the opening kickoff return be…? (16 to 25 yards)

0 yards, because the ball will be kicked through the back of
the end zone
0 yards, because the returner will kneel in the end zone2430.8%
1 to 15 yards1012.8%
16 to 25 yards2228.2%
26 to 35 yards00%
36 or more yards!00%

11. Which team will be assessed the first penalty? (Seattle)

New England Patriots3443.6%
Seattle Seahawks4456.4%
Neither team will be penalized!00%

12. Which team will call the first timeout? (New England)

New England Patriots3848.7%
Seattle Seahawks3950%
Neither team will call a timeout!11.3%

13. Which team will cross the 50-yard-line first? (New England)

New England Patriots4253.8%
Seattle Seahawks3646.2%
Somehow, neither team will cross the 50-yard-line and the
game will inexplicably end in a scoreless tie!

14. Which team will score first? (New England)

New England Patriots4557.7%
Seattle Seahawks3342.3%
Somehow, neither team will ever score!00%

15. Will the first score be a…? (Passing touchdown!)

Defensive or special-teams touchdown!11.3%
Field goal!4051.3%
Passing touchdown!2228.2%
Rushing touchdown!1519.2%

16. Which head coach will throw the first challenge flag? (Neither coach will throw a challenge flag!)

Bill Belichick (New England)3747.4%
Pete Carroll (Seattle)2835.9%
Neither coach will throw a challenge flag!1316.7%

17. Will the first score be in the first 6 1/2 minutes? (No)


18. Will the team that scores first win the game? (Yes)


19. What will be the total number of points scored in the first quarter? (Under 10 ½)

Over 10 1/22734.6%
Under 10 1/25165.4%

20. Which team will lead at the end of the first quarter? (The score will be tied!)

New England Patriots3342.3%
Seattle Seahawks3443.6%
The score will be tied!1114.1%

21. Will the first Super Bowl commercial after the conclusion of the first quarter advertise…? (Something else, none of the above!)

Automobiles or tires2025.6%
Chips or snacks1012.8%
Computers or technology45.1%
Soft drinks911.5%
Something else (none of the above)!1417.9%

22. What will be the total number of points scored in the second quarter? (Over 14 ½)

Over 14 1/22532.1%
Under 14 1/25367.9%

23. Which team will lead at halftime? (The score will be tied!)

New England Patriots4355.1%
Seattle Seahawks2835.9%
The score will be tied!79%

24. Which song (or part of which song) will Katy Perry perform first during the halftime show? (“Roar”)

“California Gurls”67.7%
“Dark Horse”1012.8%
“Hot N Cold”56.4%
“I Kissed A Girl”11.3%
“Last Friday Night”22.6%
“Part Of Me”11.3%
“Teenage Dream”22.6%
“The One That Got Away”00%
“Wide Awake”22.6%
Something else!810.3%

25. What color will Katy Perry’s hair be at the beginning of the halftime show? (Black)

None of these colors!22.6%

26. Which of these clothing accessories/items will Lenny Kravitz wear during his guest appearance with Katy Perry?: (Belt, boots, cape, fedora, fake/real fur coat, knit cap/tuque, leather jacket, scarf, shades or none of these items!)

27. Which song (or part of song) will Lenny Kravitz perform during his guest appearance? (None of these songs!)

“American Woman”2734.6%
“Are You Gonna Go My Way?”2835.9%
“Fly Away”810.3%
“Let Love Rule”33.8%
None of these songs!1215.4%

28. Besides Lenny Kravitz, who will be Katy Perry’s other special guest(s) during the halftime show? (Someone else!)

Kanye West33.8%
John Mayer22.6%
Juicy J33.8%
Snoop Dogg1012.8%
Taylor Swift810.3%
Someone else!3646.2%
Lenny Kravitz will be the only special guest!1519.2%

29. Which song (part of which song) will be Katy Perry’s final song during the halftime show? (“Firework”)

“California Gurls”22.6%
“Dark Horse”56.4%
“Hot N Cold”33.8%
“I Kissed A Girl”45.1%
“Last Friday Night”00%
“Part Of Me”00%
“Teenage Dream”22.6%
“The One That Got Away”11.3%
“Wide Awake”33.8%
Something else!67.7%

30. Which of these songs will Katy Perry play at any time during the halftime show? (“Birthday,” “California Gurls,” “Dark Horse,” “E.T.,” “Firework,” “Hot N Cold,” “I Kissed A Girl,” “Last Friday Night,” “Part Of Me,” “Roar,” “Teenage Dream,” “The One That Got Away,” “Wide Awake”)

31. What will be the total number of points scored in the third quarter? (Under 14 ½)

Over 14 1/22329.5%
Under 14 1/25570.5%

32. What will be the total number of points scored in the fourth quarter? (Under 14 ½)

Over 14 1/23544.9%
Under 14 1/24355.1%

33. In which half will there be a greater number of points scored? (The first half)

The first half79%
The second half7191%
The two sums will be equal!00%

34. Which team(s) will score in the final 3 1/2 minutes? (New England Patriots)

New England Patriots1519.2%
Seattle Seahawks3950%
Both teams!1114.1%
Neither team!1316.7%

35. Which team will score last in the game? (New England Patriots)

New England Patriots2329.5%
Seattle Seahawks5570.5%

36. Will the total number of touchdowns be? (Over 5 ½)

Over 5 1/24456.4%
Under 5 1/23443.6%

37. Will the longest touchdown be? (Under 39 ½)

Over 39 1/2 yards5874.4%
Under 39 1/2 yards2025.6%

38. Will the shortest touchdown be? (Under 3 ½)

Over 3 1/2 yards1215.4%
Under 3 1/2 yards6684.6%

39. Will the total number of successful third-down conversions be? (Under 13 ½)

Over 13 1/24456.4%
Under 13 1/23443.6%

40. Will the total number of successful fourth-down conversions be? (Under 1 ½)

Over 1 1/24456.4%
Under 1 1/23443.6%

41. How many penalties will be called in the game? (Over 11 ½)

Over 11 1/24051.3%
Under 11 1/23848.7%

42. Which team will have the most penalty yards against? (Seattle)

New England Patriots3443.6%
Seattle Seahawks4355.1%
The two teams will have an equal number of penalty yards!11.3%

43. Will there be a special teams or defensive touchdown? (No)


44. Will the total number of sacks be…? (Under 4 ½)

Over 4 1/23950%
Under 4 1/23950%

45. Will the total number of interceptions be…? (Over 2 ½)

Over 2 1/24760.3%
Under 2 1/23139.7%

46. Will the total number of lost fumbles be…? (Under 1 ½)

Over 1 1/23646.2%
Under 1 1/24253.8%

47. The total number of passing yards by Tom Brady (New England) will be…? (Over 260 1/2 yards)

Under 260 1/2 yards32
Over 260 1/2 yards4659%
Under 260 1/2 yards3241%

48. The total number of passing yards by Russell Wilson (Seattle) will be…? (Over 225 ½ yards)

Over 225 1/2 yards3544.9%
Under 225 1/2 yards4355.1%

49. The total number of passing yards in the game will be…? (Over 485 ½ yards) 

Over 485 1/2 yards4253.8%
Under 485 1/2 yards3646.2%

50. The total number of passing attempts in the game will be…? (Over 61 ½ attempts)

Over 61 1/2 attempts4152.6%
Under 61 1/2 attempts3747.4%

51. The total number of rushing yards by LeGarrette Blount (New England) will be…? (Under 64 ½)

Over 64 1/23747.4%
Under 64 1/24152.6%

52. The total number of rushing yards by Marshawn Lynch (Seattle) will be…? (Over 90 ½)

Over 90 1/25874.4%
Under 90 1/22025.6%

53. Who will have the most rushing yards? (Marshawn Lynch, Seattle)

LeGarrette Blount (New England)810.3%
Shane Vereen (New England)33.8%
Marshawn Lynch (Seattle)5773.1%
Russell Wilson (Seattle)56.4%
Someone else!56.4%
There will be some sort of tie!00%

54. The total number of receiving yards by Julian Edelman (New England) will be…? (Over 68 ½)

Over 68 1/2 yards3139.7%
Under 68 1/2 yards4760.3%

55. The total number of receiving yards by Rob Gronkowski (New England) will be…? (Under 70 ½)

Over 70 1/2 yards4152.6%
Under 70 1/2 yards3747.4%

56. The total number of receiving yards by Doug Baldwin (Seattle) will be…? (Under 62 ½ yards)

Over 62 1/2 yards3139.7%
Under 62 1/2 yards4760.3%

57. The total number of receiving yards by Jermaine Kearse (Seattle) will be…? (Under 50 ½ yards)

Over 50 1/2 yards4253.8%
Under 50 1/2 yards3646.2%

58. Which receiver will have the most yards receiving? (There will be some sort of tie!)

Doug Baldwin (Seattle)1012.8%
Julian Edelman (New England)2329.5%
Rob Gronkowski (New England)2430.8%
Jermaine Kearse (Seattle)911.5%
Brandon LaFell (New England)79%
Luke Wilson (Seattle)22.6%
Someone else!33.8%
There will be some sort of tie!00%

59. Which player will gain the most all-purpose (receiving + return + rushing) yards? (Julian Edelman, New England)

Danny Amendola (New England)1215.4%
Doug Baldwin (Seattle)67.7%
LeGarrette Blount (New England)810.3%
Julian Edelman (New England)1114.1%
Jermaine Kearse (Seattle)22.6%
Marshawn Lynch (Seattle)3342.3%
Someone else!67.7%
There will be some sort of tie!00%

60. Which kicker will have more total points? (Steven Hauschka, Seattle)

Stephen Gostkowski (New England)3038.5%
Steven Hauschka (Seattle)4051.3%
Someone else!22.6%
There will be some sort of tie!67.7%

61. Which team will make the shortest field goal? (Seattle)

New England Patriots4152.6%
Seattle Seahawks3747.4%
Neither team will make a field goal!00%

62. Will the longest field goal be…? (Under 42 ½ yards)

Over 42 1/2 yards6178.2%
Under 42 1/2 yards1721.8%

63. Will the shortest field goal be…? (Over 25 ½ yards)

Over 25 1/2 yards3544.9%
Under 25 1/2 yards4355.1%

64. Will the total number of field goals be? (Under 3 ½ yards)

Over 3 1/25671.8%
Under 3 1/22228.2%

65. Which punter will have the longest punt? (Ryan Allen, New England)

Ryan Allen (New England)2329.5%
Jon Ryan (Seattle)5469.2%
Someone else!00%
There will be some sort of tie!11.3%

66. Will the total number of punts be…? (Over 7 ½)

Over 7 1/23950%
Under 7 1/23950%

67. Which will be greater on Sunday, Feb. 1? (Russell Wilson total passing yards)

Russell Wilson total passing yards4051.3%
The average price of gasoline in the United States in cents + 103747.4%
The two sums will be equal!11.3%

68. Which will be greater on Sunday, Feb. 1? (Dayton total points vs. Fordham)

Dayton total points vs. Fordham (men’s college basketball)3747.4%
Rob Gronkowski (New England) total receiving yards4051.3%
The two sums will be equal!11.3%

69. Which will be greater on Sunday, Feb. 1? (Bubba Watson’s fourth-round score)

The two sums will be equal!1
Bubba Watson’s fourth-round score in the Waste Management Phoenix Open (golf)4456.4%
Doug Baldwin (Seattle) total receiving yards3342.3%
The two sums will be equal!11.3%

70. Which will be greater on Sunday, Feb. 1? (Total number of touchdowns)

Total number of touchdowns5367.9%
Total goals scored by Arizona Coyotes and Montreal Canadiens2329.5%
The two sums will be equal!22.6%

71. Which will be greater on Sunday, Feb. 1? (Total number of passing touchdowns)

Total number of passing touchdowns5469.2%
Total goals scored by Arsenal and Aston Villa (Barclays Premier League)1417.9%
The two sums will be equal!1012.8%

72. Which will be greater on Sunday, Feb. 1? (New England + Seattle sacks)

New England + Seattle total sacks4253.8%
Totals goals scored by Southampton and Swansea City (Barclays Premier League)3241%
The two sums will be equal!45.1%

73. Which will be greater on Sunday, Feb. 1? (New England + Seattle turnovers)

New England + Seattle total turnovers4152.6%
Total goals scored by Gencierbirligi and Caykur Rizespor (Turkish Super Lig)3038.5%
The two sums will be equal!56.4%

74. How many points will be scored in Super Bowl XLIX? (Over 50 ½)

Over 50 1/24152.6%
Under 50 1/23747.4%

75. Will the total number of points scored be even or odd? (Even)


76. Who will be the MVP of Super Bowl XLIX? (Tom Brady)


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