2001-2010: A decade of close family battles

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2009-2010: Kor fouls up PROPS, fends off POPS

In a season-long barnburner, Kor did just enough to beat POPS 128-127 for the 2009-2010 family title. POPS led 91-86 after the regular season and, but Kor outscored him 18-9 in the wildcard, divisional and conference playoffs to take a 104-100 lead into POPS PROPS. Once there, Kor struggled to get a good bead on Colts-Saints in the 51-question PROPS, scoring a family-low 24 points and leaving the door open for POPS. He didn’t fare much better, collecting 27 points and falling one short of a tie.

Official Standings: Kor, 128; POPS 127; Kev 119; Kris 110


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2008-2009: POPS soars in easy 15-point rout

POPS rolled out to a comfortable early-season lead and was never challenged.

Official Standings: POPS 131, Kor 116, Kev 110, Kris 106

2007-2008: Kris rides playoff rally to historic blowout

Kris trailed Kor by four points after the regular season, but outscored him 56-27 the rest of the way and sailed easily to a 25-point championship margin.

Official Standings: Kris 141; Kor 116; Kev 111; POPS 110


2006-2007: Bears lose, but POPS wins close family battle

In a wild, back-and-forth, season-long tilt, Kris amassed an 88-82-79-78 lead at the end of the regular season then saw it shrink to a 94-93-89-82 advantage entering Bears-Colts Super Bowl PROPS. Kris led 122-118(POPS)-118(Kor)-106(Kev) after PROPS, and the season championship came down to the Superb Bowl Piggy 5-point bonus question. POPS took Bears by 3, Kris took Bears by 4. The Colts won, handing POPS the 123-122 overall family title.

Official Standings: POPS 123; Kris 122; Kor 118; Kev 106


2005-2006: Kev slays in playoffs, grabs one-point win

POPS built what seemed to be an insurmountable 10-point cushion by the end of the regular season, but Kev outscored him 16-5 in the first three playoff rounds to take a one-point lead into POPS PROPS. He collected 34 points to finish with 133 on the season, good enough for the title. POPS tallied 29 points in PROPS, got a 5-point bonus for picking the Steelers to win the Super Bowl and ended the season with 132 points, one back of Kev.

Official Standings: Kev 133; POPS 132; Kor 110; Kris 106


2004-2005: POPS sails to 10-point triumph

POPS carried a 99-97 lead over Kris into PROPS, then outscored him 33-25 and cruised to a 10-point family championship.

Official Standings: POPS 132; Kris 122; Kor 111; Kris 90


2002-2003: Kor maintains lead for six-point victory

Kor took a 2-point lead (104-102) over POPS into PROPS, then extended it into a six-point overall family title.

Official Standings: Kor 133 (29 in PROPS, 104 before PROPS); POPS 127 (25, 102); Kev 125 (29, 96); Kris 102 (33, 69)

2001-2002: PROPS sizzle, Super Bowl fizzles

A dazzling 68-question PROPS provided the fireworks during a plodding 20-17 Super Bowl.

Official Standings: ???


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