How many overall points have you collected?

After 11 POPS PROPS, Kevin K. leads Tony S. 413-406 in the all-time total points scoreboard

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POPS PROPS overall points
POPS descends from interstellar orbit in 1976 and lands in Acapulco.

After 11 years of POPS PROPS, Kevin K. leads Tony S. 413-406 in the overall points scoreboard. Kev’s current seven-point margin is due in part to his POPS PROPS X championship, in which he scored a PROPS-record 56 points. That was 21 more than Tony, who led the overall-point standings by 19 points after back-to-back wins in POPS PROPS VIII and POPS PROPS IX. Tony still leads the overall standings for total bonus points.

The top five players are, unsurprisingly, the same five who have entered all 11 POPS PROPS. That’s because those five have had 11 opportunities to accumulate points. You’ll find a better metric for gauging a player’s average POPS PROPS performance in our average-distance-from-the-mean breakdown.

Of our 10-time players, Aunt Sue leads with 360 points, nine more than Eric M. and Tim C. Ten-time players rank sixth through 16th in the overall points standings.


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