How many bonus points have you earned?

Tony S. has earned the most POPS PROPS bonus points, and 157 of our 213 players have scored at least one positive bonus point.

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POPS PROPS bonus points

Of our 213 unique players, 157 (73.7 percent) have accumulated at least one positive bonus point in POPS PROPS. Bonus points typically are rewarded for successfully guessing who will be named Most Valuable Player or for correctly predicting that one of our prop questions will end in an unlikely result (i.e., the two kickers will score the same number of points).

Tony S. has scored the most bonus points (25), one more than Aunt Sue (24). Jason S. (23) is tied with Matt F. (23) for third. That’s notable, because Jason S. also has the worst average-distance-from-the-mean performance of any player who’s entered at least five POPS PROPS.

During POPS PROPS V, we awarded positive/negative bonus points to players who correctly/incorrectly guessed (1) what accessories Lenny Kravitz would wear during halftime and (2) what songs Katy Perry would perform. As a result, four players currently have a negative total of bonus points.


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