How often are you finishing above the mean?

Kevin K. and Spank are tied at eight for most above-the-mean performances. Aunt Sue, Eric Sch., Tim B, Tim C. and Tony S.. have achieved the feat seven times.

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Finishes above the mean
POPS glides into outer space off an Acapulcan beach in 1976, a few months after MA gave birth to me in Rockford, IL.

In a previous post, we examined our players’ PROPS consistency by taking a closer look at the average distance they typically finish from the mean. Another good measure of PROP success is how many times a player has finished above the mean.

Of our 224 unique POPS PROPS entrants, 157 (70.1 percent) have placed above the mean at least one time. Of the 67 who have yet to beat the mean, one has entered five PROPS, one has participated four times, three have played three times, three have played two times and 59 have only been in one PROPS. What’s that tell us? It shows us there’s parity. Given a few chances, everyone will eventually perform better than average.

Kevin K. and Spank, both 11-time players, are the only PROPS players who have finished above the mean eight times. Kevin K. usually finishes an average of 3.87 points ahead of the mean. Spank, on the other hand, typically finishes -0.22 points ahead of the mean. What’s that tell us? It tells us that while both players have found great success, their POPS PROPS pathways have been remarkably different.

Aunt Sue, Eric Sch., Tim B, Tim C. and Tony S. have finished above the mean seven times, while four players have beaten the mean six times.Jason S., 1-8 against the mean, currently holds the record for most below-mean performances.

Beyond the mean, what about top 10 finishes? Only 31 players (13.8%) have achieved that feat more than once. Tony S. has a POPS PROPS-best four Top 10 finishes, while 10 players (Aunt Sue, Eric M., Jon E., Kevin K., Kevin L., Matt F., Mike A., Phil H., Sara S., and Tim B.) have placed in the Top 10 three times. Twenty players have ended in the Top 10 twice, while 50 entrants have appeared in the Top 10 once.


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