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Fifty players have entered at least five of 10 POPS PROPS, and Sara S. typically finishes a field-best 4.31 points above the mean.

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Distance from mean

As we’ve discussed elsewhere, POPS PROPS has a different number of entrants, questions and possible points each year. Therefore, adding up the total points that a player has accumulated won’t give us a complete picture of a player’s average performance. However, if we look at how close to the mean score a player typically finishes, we can learn quite a bit about their consistency and resolve.

The chart shows the average performance for the 50 (of 213) entrants who have played in at least five of the 10 POPS PROPS.

Sara S., a five-time player, typically finishes a field-best 4.31 points above the mean.

Meanwhile, 10-time player Kevin K., buoyed by his 22-point-above-the-mean POPS PROPS X title, is a second-place 4.24 points above the mean. Tony Stasiek, a 10-time player and the average-distance leader after POPS PROPS IX, suffered a rough POPS PROPS X and sits in third-place at 4.07.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, nine-time player Jason S. usually finishes a field-worst 6.37 points below the mean. Eight-time player Pagan H. (-6.03) is the only other player within 3.05 points of Jason S.

Of the seven players who have entered all 10 POPS PROPS, Kevin K. and Tony S. are the only two in the top 19 of our distance-from-the-mean ratings. The other five:
20. Eric Sch., 1.37
27. Spank, 0.47
31. Kris K., 0.17
32. Brian B., -0.03
37. Eric C., -0.53

Is there a tendency for the average player to average closer to the mean as they participate in more POPS PROPS? Maybe.

Thirty of the 50 (60 percent) typically finish within 2 and -2 points of the mean. Thirty-one of the 50 players in the chart typically finish ahead of the mean. The top 20 players have entered an average of 7.5 PROPS, while the top 10 have entered an average of 7.3 PROPS.


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