The seven times that two players got it right

After happening once in the first six POPS PROPS, we've seen this dazzling and unusual phenomenon occur in the last four contests.

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1. Karen G., Rally P. choose ‘none of the above’

POPS PROPS III, question #16. The first Super Bowl commercial after the conclusion of the first quarter will advertise what?
Karen G. and Rally P. said “None of the above,” and they were right when the first commercial after the first quarter was for “Fast & Furious 6”!

2. Andrew F., Patrick D. bet Luke Bryant tucks his shirt in

POPS PROPS VII, question #3. Which of these things will Luke Bryant wear when he performs the national anthem? (Point awarded for any correct answer.)
Andrew F. and Patrick D. said “A shirt tucked into pants!”

3. Brittany R., Marika B. say ‘the two sums will be equal’

POPS PROPS VII, question #53. Which team will gain the most rushing yards?
Brittany R. and Marika B. said, “The two sums will be equal!” Atlanta and New England tied with 104!

4. Jason S., Pagan H. get Clement exactly right

POPS PROPS VIII, question #58. The Philadelphia receiver that gains the most receiving yards will tally?
Jason S. and Pagan H. correctly guessed “exactly 100 yards!” Corey Clement gained exactly 100!

5. Jason S., Marika B. predict a lot of punts

POPS PROPS IX, question #75. How many punts will there be?
45 players guessed 5-8
24 guessed 1-4
4 guessed 9-12
Jason S. and Marika B. guessed “13 or more!’ There were 14!

6. Isabella G., Uncle V. call for a lot of interceptions

POPS PROPS X, question #45. How many interceptions will there be?
Isabella G. and Uncle V. guessed “4 or more!” There were 4!

7. Brittany R., Karen S. guess ‘two sums will be equal’

POPS PROPS X, question #85. Which number will be greater: The total number of plays for the Super Bowl winner or the final-round score of the runner-up in the Waste Management Phoenix Open, plus 5?
Brittany R. and Karen S. guessed “The two sums will be equal!” The Chiefs ran 75 plays. Tony Finau shot a 70, plus five equals 75!


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