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The nine times that only one person got it right

Cousin Kay has achieved this remarkable feat twice. The phenomenon happened three times during POPS PROPS IX.

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POPS PROPS one person was right

1. Cousin Kay kicks it off

POPS PROPS I, question #5. How long will the opening kickoff return be?
35 players guessed “0-20 yards”
18 players guessed “21-30 yards”
Kay was bold enough to predict that the return would be for 30 or more yards. She won when Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown ran the kick back 38 yards!

Listen to Kay explain her decision in Conversations #2!

2. Adam A. picks a linebacker for MVP

POPS PROPS VI, question #87. Who will be the MVP of Super Bowl 50? (3-point bonus)
42 players guessed Carolina quarterback Cam Newton
19 players guessed Denver quarterback Peyton Manning
1 participant guessed either Ted Ginn, Jim McMahon, Greg Olsen, Mrs. Pins, Ima Poser or T.J. Ward
Adam A. was bold enough to pick Denver linebacker Von Miller!

Listen to Adam explain his decision in Conversations #4!

3. Cousin Kay foresees a defensive struggle

POPS PROPS IX, question #89. How many total points will be scored in the game?
14 players guessed 56-60
13 guessed 51-55
11 guessed 46-50
11 guessed 61-65
10 guessed 41-45
5 guessed 71-75
4 guessed 36-40
2 guessed 66-70
2 guessed 81 or more
1 guessed 76-80
1 guessed 31-35
Kay was bold enough to guess “Less than 30!” She was proved correct when New England beat Los Angeles 13-3 in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl.

Listen to Kay explain her decision in Conversations #2!

4. Kyle D. believes that Adam Levine will wear a sleeveless shirt

POPS PROPS IX, question #26. Which of these things will Adam Levine wear during Maroon 5’s halftime show?
12 players guessed “shiny pants”
5 guessed “a chain wallet”
3 guessed “shades”
2 guessed “a flannel shirt”
Kyle D. was bold enough to guess “a sleeveless shirt”!
0 guessed “a tuxedo”
27 said “two of these things”
9 said “three or more of these things”
16 said “none of these things”

5. Luke B. calls for no interference

POPS PROPS IX, question #43. How many interference penalties will be assessed in the game?
33 players guessed 2
30 guessed 3-4
6 guessed 5 or more
5 guessed 1
Luke B. was bold enough to guess 0!

Listen to Luke B. explain his decision in Conversations #3!

6. Benji F. believes the quarterbacks will struggle

POPS PROPS XI, question #51. The total number of passing yards will be…
Benji was the only one who said 574 yards or fewer. The Bucs and Chiefs threw for a measly 438.

7. Pedro D. predicts the kickers’ longest field goals will be from an equal distance

POPS PROPS XI, question #70. Which team will make the longest field goal?
Only Pedro knew that Harrison Butker and Ryan Succop would both kick 52-yard field goals.

8. Emily C. knew that more points would be scored in the first half.

POPS PROPS XII, question #35. In which half will there be a greater number of points scored?
Only eventual POPS PROPS XII champion Emily C. guessed the first half!

9. Sarah M. knew that a mystery punter would have the longest punt.

POPS PROPS XIII, question #58. Which punter will have the longest punt?
Only Sarah M. knew that the Eagles would unexpectedly activate punter Arryn Siposs from the injured reserve!


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