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The 11 most-shocking Entertainment questions, ranked

These questions defied the odds, delivered an unexpected result or provided some delightful reflection.

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11. Which of these things will Luke Bryan wear when he performs The National Anthem? (VII)

(Blue jeans, boots, a cowboy hat, shades, a shirt tucked into pants, a suit, two of these things, three or more of these things, none of these things)

Country star Luke Bryan is famously low-key. We thought it was pretty likely that he’d wear blue jeans and boots in order to give the impression that he’d driven to Super Bowl VII that afternoon in his regular-country-guy, medium-duty work truck. In fact, he simply wore a shirt tucked into pants and just two people got it right! Thirty-five players believed he would wear three or more of these items, and 17 players thought he’d wear exactly two of these things.

10. What color gloves will Renee Fleming wear while she sings The National Anthem? (IV)

(Black, red, white, some other color, no gloves at all)

45 players (65%) were convinced she would wear black (35%) or white (30%) gloves. Only 12 players (17%) correctly predicted that she wouldn’t wear gloves at all!

9. Which of these things will Lady Gaga wear during her halftime show? (VII)

(Glasses or sunglasses, a hat or headdress, a mask, McQueen shoes, pants, wings, none of these things, two of these things, three or more of these things)

We had a hard time limiting our list to six items. With an artist like Lady Gaga, who’s famously performed as a serpent, an orb, an egg, a melting ball of wax, etc., we thought the sky was the limit for Super Bowl VII. Forty-two players were confident that she’s wear two of these things and 15 thought she’d wear three or more of these items. Only three people correctly predicted that she’d shockingly wear none of these things!

8. Which of these things will Adam Levine wear during Maroon 5’s halftime show? (IX)

(A chain wallet, a flannel shirt, shades, shiny pants, a sleeveless shirt, a tuxedo, he won’t wear any of these things, two or more of these things, three or more of these things)

27 players were sure he’d wear two or more of these things, 16 thought he wouldn’t wear any of these things and 12 believed he’d just wear shiny pants. Only one player, Kyle D., correctly guessed “a sleeveless shirt”!

7. Will Madonna wear some sort of hat? (II)

41 entrants (79%) guessed “Yes” and were absolutely correct. She wore some sort of crown-like headpiece.

6. Will Bruno Mars wear a collared shirt? (VI)

Forty-two players (60.9%) were certain that he would. He didn’t, and only 10 (14.5%) were right.

5. What will Bruno Mars be wearing on his head at the start of halftime? (IV)

(A baseball cap, a fedora, a fur hat, some sort of knit cap or tuque, he will not be wearing a hat)

Fifty-eight (84%) players were sure he would wear some sort of hat. 31 (45%) thought it would be a fedora, and 19 (28%) believed a knit cap or tuque was likely. Shockingly, he didn’t wear a hat at all! Just 11 entrants (16%) got it right!

4. Will Bruno Mars wear any kind of hat? (VI)

He didn’t again! Forty-five (65.2%) still were convinced he would wear a hat. Only nine players (13%) guessed it right.

3. Which of these songs will J. Lo NOT perform during halftime? (X)

(“Get Right, “Jenny From the Block,” “Let’s Get Loud,” “On the Floor,” “Waiting For Tonight,” two of these songs, three or more of these songs, she’ll play all of these songs)

We really had no idea where J. Lo would go with her setlist. We never guessed that she’d play all five of these songs, but she did. Shockingly, 12 entrants (17.6%) correctly guessed it! 22 players (32.4%) thought she wouldn’t play two of these songs. 14 (20.6%) guessed “Jenny From The Block” and nine (13.2%) guessed “Get It Right.”

2. How many coats or jackets (including blazers and sport-jackets) will Coldplay be wearing? (VI)

(Over 2½ / Under 2½)

Super Bowl 50 was outdoors in Santa Clara, Calif., and it was 72 degrees at kickoff. Still, we were confident that Coldplay wouldn’t pass up the chance to overdress, so 2½ seemed liked a reasonable over/under. It was, indeed. We counted three coats. Thirty-six players (52.2%) took the over and got it right.  

1. How many members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be shirtless during halftime? (IV)

For a band that’s famous for wearing socks on their cocks and being as excruciatingly shirtless as possible at all times, it seemed plausible that all of RHCP would forget to wear a shirt. 29 players (42%) were sure no one would be shirtless, 19 (28%) thought one of them would and seven (10%) believed more than two of them would fail to wear a shirt. Just 14 entrants (20%) correctly predicted that two of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (Anthony Kiedis and Flea) would be shirtless!


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