POPS PROPS X: A Keeker Dominates

POPS' eldest son sailed to a historic triumph with the largest margin of victory and the most total points in POPS PROPS history.

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In the most stunning display of mastery in POPS PROPS’ first decade, Kevin Keeker seized the POPS PROPS X crown with record totals for points scored (56), margin of victory (8 points) and distance ahead of the mean (22 points). Tony S. held the previous records for all three feats after his POPS PROPS VIII title (54, 5, 15).

Phil H. grabbed second with 48 points, while Darien H. took third with 54 points. Twenty-one of the top 22 finishers, and 66 percent of our 66 players, picked Kansas City to win. Thirty-five entrants picked Patrick Mahomes to win MVP.


First Four — 6 points: Catherine B., Jon E., Kevin K., Kris K., Niko R.

Early Game — 6 points: Karen S.; 5 points: Carrie, Darien H., Holly O.

Entertainment — 6 points: Terra D., Kevin K., Jordan S., Uncle Vam

The Two Halves — 10 points: Phil H.; 9 points: Catherine B., Tim B., Kevin K.

Team Totals — 8 points: Marika B.; 7 points: Jon E.,
Isabella G., Joe K., Ramon R.

Individual Totals — 18 points: Kevin K.; 16 points: Eric M.; 15 points: Shane D., JJ G., Darien H.

Crossovers — 9 points: Brittany R.; 7 points: Phil H.; 6 points: Kevin K., Holly O., Aaron S.

Letters — 3 points: Anders, Carrie, Spank, Tim B., Shane D., Darien H., Kris K., Eric P., Niko R., Jordan S.


  • Welcome to POPS PROPS X! We have 66 entrants and 65.1 percent of the field picked Kansas City to win!
  • Demi Lovato and Yolanda Adams both wore white when they sang! Lovato’s National Anthem (1:49.85) was way under our o/u of 2:04, while Adams’ “America The Beautiful” was over our o/u of 1:41! This was the first time since Super Bowl XLVII that ATB (Jennifer Hudson, 2:37) was longer than the anthem (Alicia Keys, 2:36)!
  • San Francisco won the coin toss, correctly picking tails!
  • The opening kickoff was returned for 29 yards!
  • Derrick Nnadi recorded the first solo tackle for a loss (Nnadi: 5 or fewer letters)
  • San Francisco crossed the 50-yard-line first!
  • Kansas City was the first team to be penalized and Frank Clark was guilty of the infraction (Clark: 5 or fewer letters)!
  • The first score was a field goal from Robbie Gould (Gould: 5 or fewer letters)! San Francisco scored first! Gould’s FG was NOT in the first 5 minutes, 30 seconds!
  • Mahomes scored from 1 yard out, so the shortest touchdown will be under 2 yards!
  • Kansas City led at the end of the first quarter! The total number of first-quarter points was 10, so “8 to 13!” was correct!
  • The first commercial after the first quarter was for … Mountain Dew Zero!?! (Soft drinks)
  • For the first turnover of the game, Breeland (8 letters!) intercepted Garoppolo (9 or more!)
  • Kansas City called the first timeout!
  • 10 points were scored in the second quarter and the teams were tied at halftime (Bonus)!
  • Shakira was wearing red at the start of her halftime performance, and J.Lo was wearing black!
  • Shakira began with “She Wolf” and didn’t play two of the songs in our list!
  • J.Lo began with “Jenny From The Block” and played ALL of the songs on our list!
  • 10 points were scored in the third quarter!
  • San Francisco threw the first challenge flag!
  • Williams (8 letters) was the last person to score!
  • The Chiefs came back and won handily!
  • The total points (51) was odd!
  • Mahomes won MVP!
  • 21 pts were scored in the 4th quarter, a greater numer of points were scored in the second half and KC scored twice in the last 4 minutes!
  • There were six touchdowns, the longest being 38 yards and the shortest being 1!
  • There were nine third-down conversions and exactly two (bonus) fourth-down conversions.
  • There were exactly four interceptions (bonus) due to the late one that Garoppolo threw up!
  • The total number of passing yards was less than 520!
  • Damien Williams picked up 104 yards and Tyreek Hill collected 105!
  • Someone else (bonus) won both the combined tackles questions!


  • The average price in cents of a gallon of gasoline in the United States on Sunday, Feb. 2 is 247. Add 30 to that for 277, which was greater than the midpoint (252.5) of Mahomes and Garoppolo passing yards! Gas wins!
  • The average price of an ounce of gold on Feb. 2, divided by 100: 15.86. The sum of all third- and fourth-down conversions + 2: 13. Gold wins!
  • The average price of an ounce of silver on Feb. 2, + 2: 20. Mostert rushing attempts: 12. Silver wins!
  • Boca Juniors beat Talleres Cordoba 2-1, plus 1: 3. There were six total touchdowns. TDs win!
  • Deportes Iquique and Everton CD tied 2-2, plus 1: 5. There were also five sacks. THE TWO SUMS WERE EQUAL (Bonus)!
  • Marathon knocked off Honduras Progreso 2-1, plus 2: 5. There were four interceptions. Total goals wins!
  • Webb Simpson fired a final-round 69 and won the Waste Management Phoenix Open in a tiebreaker. San Francisco ran 54 plays, plus 5: 59. Webb Simpson wins!
  • Tony Finau shot a final-round 70 and was the runnerup. Add 5 to get 75. Kansas City ran 75 plays. THE TWO SUMS WERE EQUAL (Bonus)!

Do you like sports?
Do you dislike sports, but enjoy numbers?
Do you dislike sports and numbers, but enjoy friendly prop-based wagering?
Do you dislike sports, numbers and prop-based wagering, but you plan on vaguely paying attention to the Super Bowl and you need something to keep you “in the moment”?
Are you just looking for something to take your mind off current events for a few minutes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then enter the 91-question POPS PROPS X by 4:30 p.m. Central time on Sunday, Feb. 2 (one hour before the 5:30 p.m. Central time kickoff). It’s free and all are welcome to enter. One entry per person, please.

Every Super Bowl since a-long-time-ago, the legendary POPS FRESHENMEYER (1942-2010), would create a 50-odd-question Super Bowl prop-bet challenge on a yellow legal pad to cap off another year of our family’s National Football League pigskin picks. Today, we have digital ghouls to keep track of entries.

We’ll send you a link before kickoff, so that you can follow along and see how you’re faring. As always, the winner(s) of POPS PROPS X will have their name(s) added to the POPS PROPS Hall of Champions on the POPS PROPS Championship Drink Coasters. You certainly recall the thrilling conclusion to POPS PROPS IX, when our top 11 entrants finished within five points and Ken Brogdon and Tony Stasiek emerged as co-champions!

A few notes on scoring: Most questions are worth 1 point. The write-in question for MVP is worth 3 points. All multiple-choice answers with (Bonus) will award 2 points if you choose them and they turn out to be correct.

If you have any sort of problem filling out your answers, send an email to korrysk@gmail.com with, “I have a question regarding POPS PROPS X” in the subject line. Please feel free to forward this contest to anyone you know who might have an interest. Glory goes to the winner, and we thank you for your time and interest.



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